Brand Ambassador Program
We are looking for ambassadors who are outgoing, fun individuals who create buzz and get other people excited about our company's products
Who Should Sign Up
Most people will want to be a brand ambassador because they resonate with the meaning of Civil Wrongs and they'd like to get merchandise at a discounted rate as well as make some money for wearing and promoting products.

Any geographic location! No limits or minimums on social media following!
Requirements & Rewards
This role requires ambassadors to raise awareness for the company, promote its products to their audience, and represent it in a positive light.

It does not cost to be part of this program but if interested, you must first make an initial purchase. Then there is an application, evaluation, and approval process.

Once approved, Ambassadors will receive 30-50% off all purchases and 20% commission from promotional sales (discount code or referral link).

Eligible parties about 10k organic followers will receive a welcome package of three random Civil Wrongs items.
How long is the program?
Program lasts for 6 months. After the 5th month, we will send out an option to renew.
Brand Ambassador Program
Interested in signing up to our program? Please complete the form below and a member from our team will get connected with you.
Thank you for your support!